COSS - Genetic Marker for Disrespect

The term "Commercial Open Source" or COSS is an indicator that you will not receive software freedom from a vendor that's enjoying it themselves.

If you would like to share with the European Commission your views on Standards Essential Patents and FRAND licensing, you have a week left. For more details see my post at

OSI are gradually updating all their systems and the latest to be changed is blogging.

OSI now runs "Voices of Open Source" at and Simon's writing is likely to show up there fairly often, either as a contributor to the collective "OSI Staff" account or in his own right.

Meshed is Simon (@webmink), Lizzie, Miriam, Clare and Susanna. You'll find a readout of public activities at but we all do more than you will see there. We will let you know when there are new posts, as well as posting activities reported elsewhere (such as Simon's FLOSS Weekly hosting and OSI activities).

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