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I'm Simon Phipps, an older geek lucky enough to have worked on significant tech at some well-known companies & in several open source communities. Too many things to list here, see my About page.

I now work on standards & policy for OSI and help communities with governance things. I also co-host the FLOSS Weekly webcast.

I post about anything that fascinates me - usually music, politics, travel and food as well as about open source.

Progressive, unaligned, he/him

@selea @EU_Commission another scenario:

Some law enforcement agency happens to not like a particular person. Say, a whistleblower. They have nothing on them, so they can't get a warrant, but they really really want to.

They send the person such innocent-looking false positive. Bam, Apple sends a report to LEA "child abuse material on that phone", LEA gets a warrant, whistleblower compromised.

EU folks, the latest @EU_Commission proposal for scanning private communications and undermining end-to-end encryption is an extreme threat to privacy.

It threatens the right to meaningful encryption and would force your communications to be subject to scanning and classification by AI outside of your control. Truly dystopian shit.

This won't become law without the EU parliament's assent, so please follow this closely and speak up. See EDRI's analysis here:

If you would like to directly help people within Ukraine, this sourdough bakery in the centre of the country may merit your support.

Patreon donations fund free bread for refugees, local territorial defence units and on-duty police. While most places are raising prices at the moment, they reduced their regular prices by 30% to help people cope.

This is validated by a relative in Ukraine, and I am not connected to the bakery in any way.

All those years hating on NVidia have finally paid off. There are now official NVidia GPU modules for Linux under GPL/MIT licenses.

LOL, a Neil Gaiman book has printed on it.
I decided to lend a helping hand, and it now works...

Democracy, peace, individual and economic freedom.

This is what Europe stands for today when the war rages again on our continent. This is at the heart of the Conference on the future of Europe.

The EU has to continue to deliver on EU citizens' expectations.


Yiva Johansson, the Commissioner for Home Affairs at @EU_Commission, is preparing to force the mass surveillance of private online communications but has refused to meet with European privacy and technology experts like EDRi despite repeatedly consulting American corporations. This is not OK, @ombudsman - please intervene.


Well this is interesting. Turns out that big companies monetising privacy invasion and tracking have to give a cut to IBM who got the patent with long-dead Prodigy Online and now troll everyone with the patent from the dead business.

(See last mini-story in link. There are some other "wow" stories there too)

Peace is the heart of our Union 🕊️

Today, when Russia's aggression against Ukraine breaches international law, we stand united in supporting our Ukrainian friends.

Peace has no alternative.


I've always believed hosting is best purchased but with a new gigabit broadband fibre being installed and a desire to test a bunch of federated services the temptation to self host is strong.

What's the best up-to-date resource to help get started? Everything I have found so far assumes hosting at home is virtually impossible (bandwidth, scale, security) & that anyone doing it must have massive resources to buy equipment. Obviously I also want to use the broadband for normal life!

In folklore, you needed to get rid of nail and hair clippings, those could give a witch or sorcerer power over you.
We have this now with our electronic clippings, we give our clippings to social networks and that gives a whole heap of power to them and to the buyers of that data who can then analyse it.
RT @Swiftstories
Testimony by #privacy advocate @johnnyryan to @CalPrivacy on #adtech realtime bidding data collection, inc industry codes for people w/ "special n…

#FOSS people love to obsess about licenses. But those licenses have received 1000x more expert scrutiny than all those weird conditions that proprietary software ships with.

It's Bandcamp Friday so I am clearing out my wish-list.

Next up is slinky Brazilian music from Jennifer Souza, whose voice makes me think of Astrud Gilberto. Her album "Pacífica Pedra Branca" is dripping with saudade.

Try the first track, "Ultraleve"; "Hoje sou a soma dos caminhos/Já perdi de vista onde começou"

It's Bandcamp Friday so I am clearing out my wish-list.

Next up is a tremendous jazz album from Aaron Parks, "Little Big". I picked up "Little Big II: Dreams of a Mechanical Man" last month and we've had it on every day. Innovative quartet jazz with melody and a little edge.

It's Bandcamp Friday so I am clearing out my wish-list.

First up: Tess Roby's delicious singer-songwriter album "Ideas of Space" with layered electronica and lyrical thoughtfulness. Try the title track with its echoes of Anna Meredith.

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99% of our donations come from users like you, and we're transparent about it.

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