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I'm Simon Phipps, an older geek lucky enough to have worked on significant tech at some well-known companies & in several open source communities. Too many things to list here, see my About page.

I now work on standards & policy for OSI and help communities with governance things. I also co-host the FLOSS Weekly webcast.

I post about anything that fascinates me - usually music, politics, travel and food as well as about open source.

Progressive, unaligned, he/him


Since open source charity leadership comprises the software's biggest fans, a thoughtful approach is needed to representation, conflicts of interest & breach of trust.

Just learned about a Chrome extension called Snowflake that creates a way to help people behind censorship firewalls to reach Tor. Only you will ever know you are helping. I like that.

OH: “… when we started working on the data ingest pipeline, we found out he’d been keeping all his lab data in PowerPoint.”


“Years of it.”

“… I don’t even know what you do for a living, it hurt to be standing next to you when you said that.”

Is there a name for this rhetorical trick?

1. A writer asserts that "anyone who still uses two spaces after a full stop is abusing the language."
2. The writer notes that their target "is one of those people who still uses two spaces."
3. From that point, the author and all their fans describe the target as "an abuser" and their work as "abusive" without clarification.
4. Anyone who tries to clarify is described as "an apologist for abusers".

I feel there has to be but can't think of it.

Putin's recent calls to mobilise parts of the population are a sign that Russia's invasion is failing.

It is a statement of weakness.

We strongly condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Read President and Prime Minister joint statement ↓

What struck me most from today's State Funeral was the key lesson of leadership - which applies in all contexts I have ever encountered - central to the Archbishop's sermon:

“People of loving service are rare in any walk of life. Leaders of loving service are still rarer. But in all cases those who serve will be loved and remembered when those who cling to power and privileges are long forgotten.”

The decision of LightBend to end the open source status of Akka was in retrospect more probable than not given the available evidence.

Further to
the US Treasury has confirmed that they are NOT applying prior restraint to the code in Tornado Cash in breach of the first amendment, but rather sanctioning the instance that engaged in alleged illegal actions.

Are you working at the intersection of and open standards in the EU? Apply for a grant for your work now!

#GitHub team just as experienced as you feared them to be..

> I think if you can't properly manage your GPG keys you should avoid signing packages with GPG.

None of us on the team particularly enjoy the developer experience of signing anything with GPG. We didn't have any experience with this prior to publishing GitHub CLI and, if we had a choice, we wouldn't be doing it. However, signing package repositories seems to be mandatory, at least for Debian/Ubuntu.


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Patent troll attacks against open source projects are up 100% since last year. Here's why

I'm quoted in a ZDNet article on the surge of patent troll attacks on #OpenSource

"I fear that we may see further weaponization of patents in the service of other agendas -- for example, in the evolving conflict between old consumer electronics and telephone companies and newer businesses who are hampered by so-called "Standard-Essential Patents." We are well overdue for meaningful reforms in patent usage in Europe and the US so that open-source communities can make the world better without attempted taxation by the old guard."

Out of respect for HM Queen Elizabeth II, anyone with the name "Barry" is forbidden from accessing benefits for two weeks, throat clearing in waitrose is an arrestable offence, all lifts have been taken out of service, beeps will be half volume and inverted, gambling odds will be made worse, anyone who orders coldplay will instead be given rick astley,

The CEO of LightBend wants to offer Apache some kind of non-open source license to Akka to sort out the non-open source relicensing mess. I don't think that's going to work, do you?

LightBend's use of the rights-ratchet model to rug-pull after offering software freedom may have been predictable and suggests we should watch for other cases where it will eventually manifest.

People ask why Internet messaging interoperability can't just be mandated by law. After all, they say, SMS works between any two phones so why not chat too?

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