Happy #OpenSourceFriday!

I have a request for all y'all #OpenSource folks: what are some pivotal moments in open source history? Try to think beyond the usual suspects (licenses, operating systems, etc...).

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@juliaferraioli Oh, and there’s Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, which led to Oracle vs Google. I’d expect @webmink would have something to say on this (and many other things besides)

@webmink @juliaferraioli Yeah, OIN as whole. Changed the game, though it did increase the share of suits hanging around

@kgerloff @juliaferraioli But Microsoft joining OIN in particular was like the surrender at the end of the war.

@webmink @kgerloff @juliaferraioli did they ever officially give up on their 235 patent infringement claims? Or is that still in their back pocket?

I believe that to have been expressly surrendered for OIN membership.

Having said that, I do not for a moment believe they have stopped using the Phelps model for monetizing their portfolio.

@kgerloff @juliaferraioli

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