Is there a name for this rhetorical trick?

1. A writer asserts that "anyone who still uses two spaces after a full stop is abusing the language."
2. The writer notes that their target "is one of those people who still uses two spaces."
3. From that point, the author and all their fans describe the target as "an abuser" and their work as "abusive" without clarification.
4. Anyone who tries to clarify is described as "an apologist for abusers".

I feel there has to be but can't think of it.

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@webmink If there isnt already a name for it I suggest 'straw target'. The writer set up a straw man argument, but had a specific target in mind.

@webmink for the way the word "abuse" is being (mis)used, i'd say "equivocation," but i don't think that captures the whole process


Through the lens of arguing a point, 1 is question begging. 2 and 3 are ad-homs, and 4 is poisoning the well. Lumping them all together in order to ignore the point entirely, I think you end up with a somewhat involved red herring.

From a tactical point of view, it seems to be the Never Play Defense play.

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